Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023

15th to 17th Feb, 2023

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about Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023

Building N Logistics Infra Expo

15th to 17th Feb, 2023

Building N Logistics Infra Expo is a virtual event organised every year to bring together a large group of individuals and companies in the Construction Industry. The exhibition focuses on introducing and sharing new technological advancements and innovative ideas with the whole world. It is the world’s biggest virtual exhibition that attracts many small, medium, and large organisations alike to take part in the expo and share their brand-new innovative ideas. The main focus of this virtual exhibition is to improve the overall quality of work and build new relationships among vendors, service providers, and users. The Building N Logistics Infra Expo act as a bridge to join manufacturers, sellers, and traders with buyers, exposing them to a new audience altogether.

Welcome to Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023

We would like to welcome you to the Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023 which will be organized by from the 15th to 17th of February 2023. The exhibition focuses on the ever-growing building and logistics industry to provide more opportunities to companies and better-quality products to every buyer.

The Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023 will bring together a diverse audience from all over the world at one single exhibition to witness the best event of 2023. It will provide a platform for every small and medium organisation to interact with Indian as well as foreign customers and investors. They will showcase their products and services to all participants for a chance of boosting their business growth.

Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023 will create a dynamic 3D environment to interact with each other. Visitors and exhibitors can take part in various discussions related to the industry and gather knowledge about the latest developments. It will help all of them to improve the quality of their products and services by implementing new manufacturing techniques and technologies.

The Best Virtual Expo Experience with Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023

The Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023 is scheduled to start on 15 February 2023 and will continue to 17 February 2023. Over the course of these 3 days, visitors and exhibitors can interact to develop better relations and opportunities for the growth of their businesses. Following are the top features that the event is offering.

Inspiring 3D Designs to Attract Audiences’ Attention

Since Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023 is a virtual exhibition, it is much easier to design the layout as you like. With the help of our team of skilled designers, the expo is sure to attract everyone’s attention instantly. The designs are made keeping the theme of the event in mind and provide the best visual experience to everyone.

Custom Designs for Exhibitors

Every exhibitor who joins the expo gets a personal booth at the event. The booth can be customised according to the requirements and theme of the organization to attract more visitors and provide more exposure to businesses.

Live Interactions On-The-Go

With the latest technological tools implemented, you can easily interact with every visitor and answer all their queries. You can have one-to-one chats, voice calls, or video calls to attend to your potential customers and investors. You can also take part in group sessions where you can attend to various queries and answer all the questions for a large audience.

Announcements and Notifications

The event will implement a special announcements and notifications feature to keep all visitors and exhibitors notified about the latest news and events before their starting time. A pop-up notification will keep them informed about discussions and other events.

Webinars and Expert Panel Discussions

The Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023 will have various discussions with various experts on topics related to the industry. It will help aspiring entrepreneurs learn many things about the industry and how they can make their businesses successful. Also, these webinars aim to solve many problems faced by old and new businesses alike.

The Biggest Expo of 2023

The Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023 aims to be the biggest virtual expo of the year. It will bring many opportunities to every visitor and exhibitor and provide a huge platform for exhibitors to participate. They can showcase their latest products and services to the whole world and become a leader in their respective industries.

With the implementation of the latest technological advancements and marketing techniques, we aim to reach every corner of the world. By doing this, we can help every start-up and struggling entrepreneur become the best versions of themselves.

Why Participate in Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023

The Building N Logistics Infra Expo 2023 is providing a golden opportunity for every business in the industry to go global. It is specially meant for small and medium-scale enterprises and helps them reach a global audience and attract them with their premium quality products and services.

The main business segments that will get the most out of this expo are:

  1. Steel Modular Industrial Pre Engineered Building
  2. Cold Store Room
  3. Bunks House
  4. Pre Engineering Building
  5. Steel Modular Prefabricated Houses
  6. Security Portable Cabin
  7. Galvanized Corrugated Sheets
  8. Poultry Defeathering Machine
  9. Commercial Rooftop Air Conditioner
  10. Balcony coverings
  1. Prefabricated Portable Cabin
  2. Building heat insulation sheet 1
  3. Ducting
  4. Cement Building Bricks
  5. Prefabricated PUF Insulated Cabin
  6. Solar Module Mounting Structures
  7. Restaurant Shipping Containers
  8. Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick/ Paver Block / Conceret Block Machine
  9. Structural Glass Glazing
  10. PUF Insulated Prefabricated School Building