Frozen Food N Dairy Expo 2022

Visitor Profile

Visitors have opportunity to engage with Exhibitors from their office or home in the era of COVID-19.

Visitor Profile
  1. Food manufacturer
  2. Food importer / exporter
  3. Hotel, restaurant, Cafe and bar
  4. Bakery / Bakery organisation
  5. Food catering / food service
  6. Clubs & Resorts
  7. Super Markets
  8. Grocery & Marts
  9. Distributor, wholesaler & retailer
  10. Food Processing & Packaging
  11. Dairy product manufacturers
  12. IT Solutions / Smart Hotel Tech
  13. Household individuals
  14. Dairy Farmers
  15. Packaging and distribution centre
  16. Air-conditioning
  17. Refrigeration & warehousing

Visitor Registration

Advantages of Virtual Exhibition

  1. Quality Exhibitors associated to your area.
  2. Display of the product’s price so that you would know the budget and worth.
  3. You can have chance to arrange a place if you’re interested to interact with Exhibitors.
  4. One-to-one video calling facility so you can discuss with the Exhibitors about the product or any machinery parts.
  5. It saves your precious time, money, and travelingexpenses.
  6. One of the best advantageous aspect is you can talk to Exhibitor and fix meeting accordingly.
  7. You can have the huge informative videos of experts of industry in Auditorium Hall & Live Sessions.
  8. No hotel-living cost.